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We Offer Services To Support owners, architects, contractors and others across the construction Sector.

Demolition Engineering

We have extensive experience creating demolition plans for all type of buildings including single-family homes, apartment buildings, shopping centers, churches and more. H&O Engineering can provide you with:



Plan approvals and filings for your project

Structural Services

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Structural Design

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Structural Forensics

Structural analysis, field probing and testing to determinate non- conformance with design specifications, performance and maintenance needs, deformation and signs of distress, construction defects and potential failures.

Structural Renewal

Our staff will visit a site, perform a survey of structural elements and provide essential information on proposed plans for the rehabilitation or reuse of existing structures. 

Concrete Testing

Concrete testing Laboratories test the strength and composition of concrete and its components to ensure the concrete meets the standards and requirements outlined in the NYC Building Code. 

We are currently able to perform testing of building material and compression tests of 4″ & 6″ concrete cylinders, with our 300,000 pound compression machine.



All activities must be performed by a lab licensed by the NYC Department of Buildings.

Field inspections

Compressive strength, failure analysis and TR2 following all standards and regulations

Engineering reports

Our staff will collect samples and test concrete specimens

Special Inspections

Special Inspection Agencies are required to be hired by the owner, and are required for every permitted project in New York City.

H&O Engineering is a NYC registered and accredited Class 1 Special Inspection Agency. We conduct special inspections of structural integrity to verify that construction work is being performed in accordance with approved plans and specifications.


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